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The Best Care Your Boat Can Get!

We make boat care products that work.

We pride ourselves in making the best Boat Care Products in the World. We want you to be completely happy and satisfied with the Aurora products. When you purchase Aurora Marine products we want you to recommend them to your friends with confidence.

You have our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Boat Cleaning Products for boat restoration, boat protection, boat maintenance, best boat cleaning for all types of boats in less time and effort.

The Best Care Your Boat Can Get! Buy Direct: 100% Guaranteed, Eco-Friendly Boat Cleaners!
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Category: PWCs and Boats
Products: Boat Cleaning, Polishing & Protection, Boat Odor Control & Sanitation, Foul Release Coating, Boat Cleaning Accessories, Aurora Racing, Boat Care Kits
Brands: Algae Strip™, Algex™, Alumabrite™, Alumabuff Pad Kit™, Alumabuff™, Alumetron Repair & Maintenance Kit™, Alumetron™, Bilge Bath™, Black Streak Remover™, Boat Clean Plus™, Boat Scrub™, Canvas Shield Waterproofing Kit™, Canvas Shield™, Clear View Kit™, Drago
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