Another successful Sturgis Rally 2021

Another successful Sturgis Rally 2021

2021-08-30 11:36

2021 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Just got back from another successful and fun Sturgis motorcycle rally. It seemed like there were more motorcycles than last year, but the official estimates are not out yet. but, I could tell that the traffic was up both in and around the Black Hills as well as the traffic out on I-90. I went out a week early drove out on I-90 and there were hundreds of motorcycles, toy haulers, motorhomes and enclosed trailers heading to Sturgis. Also noticed there were many heading out of the Hills too.

Another thing that I was just amazed at was the mostly super slow service at restaurants. It seems that they just could not get enough help to handle the crowds. A number of times it would be a 2 hour ordeal to just get breakfast. One of our favorite coffee shops, Lotus Up in Lead just closed for the week.

To alleviate the restaurant problem this year we fixed our own meals. Did a lot of grilling of burgers and brats and fixed coffee and cereal for breakfasts. One day for dinner, we ordered BBQ ribs for our Minnesota group from Marty in Lead. If you drove on Main street, you would have seen his super large smoker parked out on the street giving off my favorite smoke smell. If you are craving BBQ when near Lead, check him out.

We again had some great riding. Rode Vanocker Canyon, Spearfish Canyon, Ice Box Canyon, and rode out into Wyoming and ended up at Beuleh and Sundance. Weather was great, mid 80’s during the days and upper 50’s at night. Towards the end it started to get in the 90’s though.

That’s it for now. See you out there on the road!



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