Providing racking solutions that allow riders to combine their favorite passions with their motorcycles. From bicycles and golf clubs, to snowboards and grills. We hand-build all of our products in the USA and stand behind them with a lifetime guarantee.

Since 2×2 Cycles very beginning, we have strived to build not only a strong and dependable product, but also a product that promotes an active lifestyle. That encourages riders around the world to do more with their motorcycle. Over the years, we have amassed a dedicated audience of 2×2 Cycle riders who are passionate about sharing that lifestyle with others. We have received countless tales of riders being stopped for photographs, being the focus of endless questions at all events, and a vigor for riding that they haven’t had before. Our customers have been so awesome and we love sharing their stories because they inspire us as a company.

Handmade in the United States, all of our racks are built by hand and guaranteed by our lifetime warranty. To this very date, we have never had a single defective rack. Despite customers who have had crashes, run ins with animals, and long skids down the roads, they have all reached out to express how the rack held up in each instance. We believe in old school engineering; creating something that works and lasts in the face of a rising wave of consumer products that are meant to be used and disposed of.