Clearly Tough UTV Windshields

Freedom From Scratches, Freedom to Explore!

About Clearly Tough – Clearly Tough is an innovator with over 15 years experience in plastics. We’ve studied UTV windshields and put our designers to work crafting the best product in the industry. Our combined experience in the plastics and outdoor industries gives us an edge on developing products that really work. Our windshields are created from the toughest materials available. They are designed with an extremely versatile Velcro strap mounting system. This makes installation and removal easy, secure and flexible. Our system also allows you to accommodate mirrors, rooftops, and other accessories by giving you the ability to move the attachment straps up or down or to adjust the length of the strap.You’ll be able to go with a full, half or no windshield in a matter of seconds for optimal comfort.

Do not settle for anything less than a scratch resistant windshield


Windshields that are versatile- going from full to half shield in seconds, and are completely scratch resistant.
Clearly Tough UTV Windshields is a
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Category: ATVs
Products: Clearly tough windshields offer this protection with their polycarbonate UTV windshields. They are lightweight and easy to install, utilizing a Velcro mounting system.
Brands: When you ride your UTV you need to be protected from the rain and cold.
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