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Mitchell 1 is a software service provider that has provided repair information to the automotive industry since 1918. Starting as a private book publisher, Service Engineering Company, the company provided the first specifications and diagrams of vehicle electrical systems to the new motoring public, and the technicians that would learn to service these new automobiles. Though Mitchell 1 started out as a provider of technical information in printed manuals to the professional technician, it has grown over the years to become a “fully integrated software service provider”. Mitchell 1 is headquartered in Poway, California and its ownership is currently held by Snap-on Tools, Inc. and NAPA.

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Products: Discover auto repair do it yourself manuals on over 30,000 vehicles. These manuals have the most up-to-date auto repair information.
Brands: At home mechanics can now access the Mitchel 1 DIY online manuals on auto-repair, maintenance, technical service, bulletins and recall information. Mitchell 1 has over 203,000 online writing diagrams
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