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Making Learning to Fly Easier, Affordable & Fun for Everyone!

Let me help you learn to fly or learn more about flying. I’ve been in the flying business since 1970 and teaching flying since late 1973. I’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of people learn to fly and I can do the same for you.

As a student pilot who was stuck reading dry, boring FAA textbooks, I promised that I’d write my own someday and make them fun, interesting and highly educational (see for yourself by reading the comments). What you read is material based on nearly 50 years of flying and flight instructing experience. That’s why I can promise you that even the most complex and nearly impenetrable subjects will become clear to you if you use my Learn to Fly products or my Advanced Flying products.

And, if you need help, I answer all my own questions and I’ll do the same for you. Sometimes it gets busy but I always answer questions when I get to them. So have a look around my site. Explore the products. There’s something for everyone who wants to learn to fly, learn more about flying or learn to fly safely.

Learn-to-Fly Products & Advanced Flying Materials based on nearly 50 years of Flying & Flight Instructing Experience!
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Brands: Discover Rods wealth of flight education information. Whether you are learning to fly, you are a flight instructor, or you are a rusty pilot, Rod has the training material you need. Take a look at his free flight syllabus or buy his flight training manual
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