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Looking for a bag for your bike? Don’t worry as Viking Bags carries saddlebags for most models which includes the Saddlebags for Harley-Davidson®, Honda saddlebags, Suzuki saddlebags, Kawasaki saddlebags, Yamaha saddlebags, Victory saddlebags, Triumph saddlebags, Indian saddlebags, and Hyosung saddlebags line-up. If your bike is not listed as one of the bikes we have saddlebags for, we’re probably already in development for them as you read this and there’s a chance they will be available soon. We take pride in our R&D department as we’re always looking for ways to improve our already existing designs and come out with new ones as new models of bikes come out every year.

We source the highest quality weather resistant leather from around the world. We employ the most skilled fiber-glass and leather craftsmen to manufacture the best saddlebags you can find. We operate out of two highly efficient warehouses, one in Los Angeles and one in Chicago, to ensure that the majority of our customers get their products delivered within 2 business days. As the company has grown, so has our staff. We take care of our customers with some of the most hardworking and caring customer service members in the industry.

Bikers design all bags so that they fit their needs. Bags include free mounting hardware.
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Products: Motorcycle luggage including saddlebags made from premium quality leather for every type of motorcycle.
Brands: Premium leather motorcycle bags designed and manufactured in house to ensure a quality product for a discounted price. Bikers design all bags so that they fit their needs. Bags include free mounting hardware.
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