I wanted to tell you all about my fall run from Minnesota to Florida by way of Palm Springs, California. We trailered our motorcycles behind my Ram 2500 pickup with the Cummins engine. First stop was Denver to visit family for a night. Second stop was in Moab, Utah. That is an awesome area to ride. We rode Arches National Park and Canyonland National Park. Unbelievable scenery! Then we went to Monument Valley, Arizona and the was spectacular on the bikes. I wanted to ride the road that was in the movie Forest Gump when he was running across country and tom Hanks says “I’m kinda tired. I think I’ll go home now” in his Forest Gump language.

We then loaded up the bikes and headed to Kingman Arizona to again leave the truck and do more riding. My wife and I have only 3 states to finish off our “all 50”, California, Nevada and Alaska and we knocked off California and Nevada on this trip.

We rode the back roads that included the old single land Route 66. Even went through a couple of deserted towns still left there. Went through Amboy then through Twenty-Nine Palms then stayed in Palm Springs.

We then rode the next day heading back to Kingman with an overnight stop at Lake Havasu City by the water.

We rode through some very interesting areas that were best scene on the motorcycles. Once we got back to the truck and trailer, we loaded up and headed east on I-40 to our final destination in Cape Coral, FL. We did do a stop over in Collierville, TN (suburb of Memphis) to visit our son and daughter-in-law and grandkids too.

All in all, it was an awesome 2 weeks on the road.

2021-11-24 09:20

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