Pulling your camper trailer in a crosswind

Have you ever driven behind someone pulling a camper trailer in a strong cross wind? Well I have and it is no fun watching it sway with the driver trying to keep it on the road. In fact I have seen the results of such incidents with both car and trailer in the ditch with the trailer on its side. Well, there is a solution to this problem with the addition of the Pro Pride trailer hitch which does a good job eliminating any trailer sway in a cross wind. Instead of having to pull off the highway and wait out the weather, which in a crosswind state like South Dakota could be even more than a day, check out the hitch which does a good job in eliminating the problem. You can get the right equipment for this at Pro Pride Hitch by clicking here:     https://store.propridehitch.com?aff=92

2021-11-08 04:35

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