First woman wins Iron Butt Motorcycle Rally

First woman wins Iron Butt Motorcycle Rally
2019-07-16 03:16

Wendy Crockett might have not grown up in a motorcycle family but that didn’t stop her from earning a title in one of the world’s most challenging motorcycle competitions.
“My mom always said I would get a motorcycle over her dead body so of course I moved out of the house and bought motorcycles, started collecting, I don’t know why. It was always something that just spoke to me,” Crockett said.
However, at an early age, those wheels started turning in her head.
She works as a mechanic at Sturgis Motorsports and in 2019 she would ride her way to a milestone no other woman has.
“This sport, people have the mental image of who it is that’s out here competing or having fun or what have you and it’s not generally females so it was very exciting for me,” Crockett added.
Crockett took home 1st Place in 2019 Iron Butt Rally, an endurance motorcycle competition in the United States challenging riders to hit 11,000 miles in 11 days.