How To Level a Travel Trailer on a Slope

How To Level a Travel Trailer on a Slope
2019-07-24 07:17

How To Level Your Travel Trailer
I was looking through some RV forums recently and noticed many questions about how to level a travel trailer on a slope. So I did some research and learned a few things myself that I thought would be interesting to share.
Leveling your travel trailer is important for two reasons. First, it makes your camper much more comfortable for sleeping and walking around inside. Second, and most people don’t know this, it helps to ensure that your gas refrigerator functions properly. The reason a gas powered refrigerator needs to be level is that it relies on gravity to cool properly. The more out of level the camper and refrigerator are the less efficient the fridge is at keeping food cold.
So how do you level a travel trailer on a slope? Begin by leveling the travel trailer from side to side, chock the wheels and then level it from front to back by adjusting the tongue jack. When done properly your travel trailer will be stable and ready for you to safely enjoy.