Mountainfest Motorcycle Rally

Mountainfest Motorcycle Rally
2019-06-17 10:53

Morgantown, W.V., July 26–29—West Virginia Mountainfest has been taking place for 14 years. In those 14 years, according to the event’s official announcer Jack Schit, the motorcycle rally has raised over a million dollars that goes to funding Mylan Park. Mylan Park and the parking lot of Triple S Harley-Davidson are the main venues of the rally, and those two locations have about four miles of West Virginia hills in between them. That makes covering the festival akin to being a master of ceremonies for a three-ring circus, with each of the three rings being in a separate tent, a football field length from each other.
Triple S, like all modern Harley dealerships, is housed in a roomy, mega-million-dollar structure. The Triple S building’s massive inside dimensions, combined with the rather large parking space that the dealership possesses, makes for plenty of room to host a good-sized party. They even have a permanent outside stage, just right for the occasion. That stage is continually occupied by bands during the entire rally. Those bands include a couple that I personally heard—Geneva, and the Davisson Brothers Band. Both of those groups appeared to give it their all to entertain their receptive motorcycle-riding audience.

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