Save 10% on Motorcycle Parts at Sixity.

Save 10% on Motorcycle Parts at Sixity.
2019-04-18 10:46

We Cover a Wide Range of Motorcycle Brands
We stock a full selection of brake pads, spark plugs, and lighting for motorcycle brands like Harley-Davidson, Victory, Honda, Kawasaki, and more! Full-selection means more interested visitors for you.
Motorcycle Brake Pads are High-Sellers
Sixity Sintered, Organic, and Ceramic Brake Pads are some of our bestsellers. Popular products are more likely to gain traction.

It’s Riding Weather
Spring is upon us! This is the time for motorcycle riders to get their machines prepped and going for the season. They’re going to be replacing failing parts—including their brakes, spark plugs, and lights.

Featured Products – Brake Pads
Sixity Ceramic Composite Brake Pads
Exceptional performance and operating control over all driving conditions.
Sixity Semi-Metallic Organic Brake Pads
Perfect for everyday use where extremely smooth braking is required.
Sixity Sintered Brake Pads
High-performance braking for the most demanding applications.