What is boondocking? How to score free campsites

What is boondocking? How to score free campsites
2019-12-07 10:58

We’ve all had those dreaded nights in a campground. Generators roaring. Music blaring. Noisy groups of people who don’t seem to understand the concept of “quiet hours.”
We struggle to cope, burying our heads under pillows and shoving plugs into the folds of our ears. Didn’t we come out here to find peace and tranquility? To get away from people? Sometimes, for those of us who want to commune with nature, campgrounds can suck.

That’s where RV boondocking, or free camping, comes into play. Boondocking is known by many names, including wild camping, dispersed camping, free camping and dry camping. Although dry camping refers to camping without hookups, which can be done in a campground.

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